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Memory & Focus


Sapientia Natural™ Acetilcolina

Ingredients per 2 capsules*

Lecitina de soya 200 mg, Alpha GPC 100 mg, Ginseng Americano (Panax quinquefolium) 100 mg, Melena de León (Hericium erinaceus) 100 mg, N-Acetil-L-Cisteina 100 mg, Omega 3 Extracto de Linaza 100 mg, Gluconato de Manganeso 16.54 mg, Vitamina B5 6.52 mg, Vitamina B12 6 mcg, Vitamina B1 1.2 mg, Vitamina E 0.1 mg, Huperzine (Huperzia serrata) 0.05 mg, Zeolita Programada (Clinoptilolita) 4 mg. *100% Naturales. Non GMO. Sin edulcorantes artificiales.

The use is the responsibility of the consumer or prescription.
This product is not a medicine.



Sapientia® Focus & Creativity is a synergistic combination of nutrients, specially designed to help produce the acetylcholine needed to help keep the mind stay sharp.

This formula may help symptoms related to loss of brain speed and acetylcholine: memory lapses, difficulty concentration, confused thinking, dry mouth.

When acetylcholine levels decline your memory declines, you notice doing arithmetic in your head becomes much harder or impossible and just thinking becomes duller and slower.

Boosting acetylcholine levels before exams can improve performance. Unfortunately supplementing acetylcholine has not proved itself to be of any help in Alzheimer’s disease, despite evidence that acetylcholine levels are found to be in the order of 90% lower than normal.


Membranes are the working surfaces of every cell, carrying out the essential functions of cellular communication and hormonal signal transduction. Nerve cells, in particular, depend on healthy membrane function for normal neurotransmitter metabolism and nerve signal transmission

Symptoms of Acetylcholine Deficiency

• Loss of sexual emotional response and arousal.
• Loss of visual and photographic memory.
• Loss of verbal memory.
• Memory loss lapses.
• Limitation in creativity.
• Reduced understanding.

• Difficulty to calculate numbers.
• Difficulty to recognize faces and objects.
• Difficulty to follow plots in movies.
• Slow mental response.
• Difficulty to orient.
• Crave fatty foods.
• Often misplace everyday items like keys, phone, and glasses.
• Slow overall reaction.
• Poor orientation a sense of direction.
• Poor muscle tone and find it hard to exercise.

Acetylcholine deficiency is associated with: decline in memory, sharp thinking, sharp sentences.


No adverse side effects reported.


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Memory & Focus