The Team – Neurotropy™

Moving forward together

Management Team

We have spent several years building and nurturing an effective team. We are all pushing forward to move the limits of what is posible to build a brand new perspective for self-improvement and health.

Carlos Alvear López M.D.

Director of Product

He was born in a family with a legacy of three generations of Doctors, continues with the family vocation as a Surgeon by the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico City in 2000.

Take clinical training in Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts in 2001 and 2002 (The Herbert Benson, Md Course in Mind Body).

He is certified in Holotropic Breathing training module 1 and 2 taught by Dr. Stanislav Groff, USA. 1998-2000.

He has the training of modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Regressive Therapy taught by Jungian Psychologist Rashna Imhasly Gandhi, India (2000-2004).

In 2005 he met the Chinese Doctor Marco Lam who introduced him to the art of phytotherapy and the preparation of herbal remedies

In 2000, he founded the Yolitia Welfare Center project where the vision is the implementation of technologies, systems and processes that regenerate the health of the individual and the ecosystem, together with the “Living Clean” Program, they offer a unique protocol for the treatment of Addictions based on the use of sacred plants, regulation of neurotransmitters and change in life habits.

Javier Alejandro Martín Ramos

Marketing Director

Marketing Director and founder of agendy in 2007. Working for the Top 10 companies in the Canary Islands, and established national and international brands  Real Madrid, Walt Disney, Coca Cola, Vodafone, Suzuki, BBVA…).

Partnering with clients to develop creative marketing  solutions which define them as industry leaders.

Branding, funding strategy and presentation deck for a global warming educational videogame, a project  developed by the National Geographic Society President. (In March 2015 the team raised $10 million in funding).

Online strategy, design and project management for the BBVA Real Estate online portal that generated more than €23 million in revenue in 2003- 2004.

Designed online advertising campaign for Finding Nemo. in 2003 and Pirates of the Caribbean in 2003 for Walt Disney.

Designed multimedia projects for Real Madrid Club 2003.